How to create a listing sniper task on DexBot

1. Login

Go to , click "login with wallet" button on upper right corner.

2. Create a listing sinper

Go to , enter the information including:

  • Enter The contract address of the to-be-listed token

  • Select a main-net

  • Configure your buy and sell settings

Click “Create” button, the task will automatically start after creation.


  1. If the token has high popularity, we suggest you set the gas to 1.5X or higher in order to successfully process your transaction. To do so, the transaction will be slightly more costly.

  2. We recommend you to use the “high-speed” node if you are buying a trending token. You can also enable the private node which is even faster if you are a DAO member. A private node can buy the tokens at the first block after the token is listed.

  3. Listing sniper tasks have an expiration date, if the bot fails to buy the designated token within the task duration, the task will be terminated.

3. View Task

Go to the List of Tasks to check your task status.

4. Deposit

Deposit enough fund and gas fee to your wallet.

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