How to create a presale sniper task on DexBot

1. Login

Go to , click "login with wallet" button on upper right corner.

2. Create a presale sinper

Go to , enter the information including:

  • Enter the presale address

  • Select a main-net

  • Configure your buy and sell settings

  • Select the platform which the pre-sale is based

Click “Create” button.


  1. If the token has high popularity, we suggest you set the gas to 1.5X or higher in order to successfully process your transaction. To do so, the transaction will be slightly more costly.

  2. We recommend you to set a number for the “Evade bot-detection”, because some developers will blacklist trading bots. The greater the number you input for this option, the less likely that your trading bot will be detected.

3. View Task list

The task will automatically start after creation. Go to task list to check your task status.

4. Deposit

Deposit enough fund and gas fee to your wallet that match with the token pair

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