*️Risk Warning & Liability Disclaimer

DexBot is a cryptocurrency trading tool, the platform does NOT provide financial advice in any form. Prior to utilizing DexBot to customize their investment strategies, investors should acknowledge that DexBot is not responsible for the systematic and unsystematic risks of their investments. Though DexBot takes responsibility for your account and wallet safety for all on-site actions, it does not guarantee investment gains. As a DexBot user, you are responsible for taking care of your own wallet and private key safety, as well as any investment decisions you make. As an investor and user of the platform, you should ALWAYS formulate your investment strategies in accordance with your own risk preference. Below is a list of potential risks you might encounter while using DexBot, please read them through carefully before you use or purchase any services on DexBot.

1.Security/Technical Risks

1.1 Account & Wallet Loss

Do NOT share your DexBot account information or wallet private key with anyone, DexBot support staff will NEVER ask for them on any occasions. Some of the DexBot Premium tiers allow users to export their bot wallet’s privacy key. Make sure you save the private key in an offline and secured location. DexBot is not responsible or able to retrieve your bot wallet’s private key for you.

1.2 Personal Information

DexBot does NOT collect personal & contact information besides your email and wallet address which are required for account registration.

1.3 Phishing Risks

One of the most commonly witnessed scams in cryptocurrency is known as “phishing”, where scammers use phishing links or websites to lure investors in. Such websites often ask investors to connect their wallet and make authorizations that might jeopardize your asset safety. You should not connect your or your DexBot wallet to any websites that look suspicious. Some of the scammers might also create fake domains to pose as DexBot website to lure you in. Therefore, you should always make sure to visit the correct website at https://www.dexbot.com/

2. Investment Risks

2.1 Systematic Risks

Even while using Dexbot, you are still vulnerable to market turbulence. Therefore, you are responsible for the timing and the targeting of your own investment. DexBot doesn’t guarantee or offer any projection on the market trend.

2.2 Unsystematic Risks

Although DexBot offers auxiliary features such as anti-honeypot to help improve your asset security, DexBot is neither responsible for nor able to filter out all scam projects. You should always conduct thorough research on the projects before investing. The “Top Traders” leaderboard on the DexBot website does NOT constitute any financial advice. The leaderboard is generated and updated by algorithm, DexBot staff do NOT handpick any traders for you to copy.

The investment performances of the “Top Traders” are authentic and being verified periodically, however, historical performance is not an indicator of future return!

2.3 Task Failures

Task failures may occur when you input the incorrect parameters, or when there’s insufficient amount of principal and gas fee in your bot’s wallet. While utilizing DexBot’s listing sniper, some of your bot’s buy-orders might be blacklisted by the project team when the latter identifies it as a contract/machine trader. Task failure won’t cause the total loss of your asset, but it could result in the meaningless consumption of your asset for gas fee as well as the loss of investment initiative. DexBot holds NO responsibility for the outcomes above.

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